Carol Willett

Audrey III
As in Little Shop of Horrors, this variety of Venus Flytrap is demanding, “FEED ME!”  $180

Bird Lake Penguin
What Tchaikovsky missed in composing “Swan Lake” were all the other feathered prima donnas.  This little dancer is from the Antarctic.  $200

Key Lime Pie Fish
Summer brings to mind cooling desserts – as this Key Lime Pie Fish would surely be for any discerning shark – a sweet after dinner treat.  $200

Pirate’s Manicure
A one-handed pirate Captain would surely have a “dress hook” for special occasions.  This is how I think it might be decorated (including the lace cuff).  $180

Sheriff Blake the Rattlesnake
Back in the Old West somebody had to keep law and order – usually whomever was the fastest “quick draw”.  This fellow was lightening fast with both fangs and six-guns.  $200

Verne’s Snail
This snail has a bit of a mechanical Rococo flair in addition to his spiffy wheeled feet.  He is embellished with white Umbonium shells.  $200

Six-Footed Pot Pet
If tea pots were animated, this might look like this one – cheerfully bright with six feet pointing all directions.  $160

1st Web of Possibilities
If I were a spider (even one made from small cowrie shells and silver wire) I think I’d fill my web with the lightweight equivalent of stained glass.  A web of possibilities is how I approach all my sculptural projects.  $100

2nd Web of Possibilities
I had so much fun with designer paper making the first web that I added bamboo stakes to the second one along with flat backed beading.  $100