The Gallery of Fine Art | About the Gallery
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About the Gallery


     The Gallery Of Fine Art began in a small advertising agency owned and operated by Michael and Cynthia Golonka named The Creative Resource. As Cynthia returned to fine arts roots she hung her paintings and began teaching in a small back room. Soon, their artist friends were requesting to present their work there too and the Golonkas realized their passion.

     In 1999 they built the Racine Center for the Arts in Wilmington, NC which included the new and improved Gallery as you know it, art lessons and other creative entities upstairs. The Blue Moon Showcase and cafe were sold in 2003.

     Currently the Gallery is the premier fine art gallery in their region featuring beautiful works from artists near and far. Everyone can collect art as there are hand made pieces available here from $8 to $150,000. So come on in and visit and you might even meet the 2 little mascots, Tucker and Miyagi!