The Gallery of Fine Art | Dr. Seuss – New Available Artwork
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Dr. Seuss – New Available Artwork


Cat in Obsolete Shower Bath


Mixed-Media Pigment Print on Archival Canvas, 36″ x 28″
Limited Edition of:
850 Arabic Numbers,
99 Patrons’ Collection,
155 Collaborators’ Proofs,
5 Hors d’Commerce, and
2 Printer’s Proofs



“In Cat in Obsolete Shower Bath, Dr. Seuss places his beloved Cat in a shower-bath as if to look back on his life and recognize that without his early struggles–the dingy apartments, crazy landlords, and community shower-baths–the Cat and perhaps the entirety of his career, may never have materialized.



I Wonder Where My Emma is Tonight?

Price: $1,895
Medium: Mixed-Media Pigment Print on Archival Canvas
Dimensions: 35.75″ x 25″

Dr. Seuss’s romantic drawings and paintings are much like the stag’s antlers in this work — propping us up and providing a sanctuary for our own courtships.

Theodor Seuss Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss), known to his family and friends as “Ted,” was a romantic in many ways, often crafting paintings and drawings that tap into our ongoing quest and desire for romance. Here, a wistful stag allows a pair of woodpeckers to safely court atop his antlers. There is a sense of pride in providing such sanctuary for these lovebirds, although one can’t help but sense a longing for the stag’s own sweetheart, perhaps a doe named Emma?



Dr. Seuss’s ABC

Digital Pigment Print on Archival Paper, Image and Paper Dimensions: 23″ x 32″

“Dr. Seuss’s ABC” endpapers drawing not only set the tone, it also became the iconic opening salvo for one of the most important books in his Beginner Books series.

In this remarkable concept drawing, done for the ABC endpapers, Dr. Seuss captures the very essence of his iconic type design in simple lettering and bold colors. His familiar characters, reminiscent of their Hop on Pop counterparts, navigate a world of ABCs. Yet, here they send us on an adventure of twists and turns through the alphabet as seen only through “the wrong end of the telescope,” as Seuss would often say.



Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Cover Illustration

Fine art pigment print on acid-free paper with deckled edges, image size: 13″ x 17.5″, paper size: 16.5″ x 20.5″

Opening Price: $495

Medium: Fine Art Pigment Print on Acid-Free Paper
Image Dimensions: 13″ x 17.5″
Oh the Places You’ll Go! Cover Illustration “Deluxe”

Opening Price: $1,295

Medium: Fine Art Pigment Print on Acid-Free Paper with deckled edges
Image and Paper Dimensions: 26″ x 36″

“Oh, the Places You’ll Go! is vintage Seuss, an anything-but-solemn illustrated sermon on the thrills and adventures that await you on the road to success in life. Of course, the doctor points out the pitfalls as well as the summits. But in the end all comes out right, as that young pajama-clad Seussian hero triumphs over the delightfully fearsome pictorial creatures that bestrew this way.” — Herb Kupferberg’s May 1990 syndicated conversation with Dr. Seuss.