The Gallery of Fine Art | Fabio Napoleoni – New Available Artwork
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Fabio Napoleoni – New Available Artwork

New Releases

The Ambitious Chicken has hopeful dreams and high aspirations but what’s most important is that he has a group of friends that are there to support and lift him high when he most needs it. Any goal is achievable with a superb support team of friends.

I’m Flying
10 ”x 24” paper (straight edge)
32-AP SRP $275
98-SN SRP $155

Each AP will come with a hand drawn “Ambitious Chicken”
SN will have a printed Remarque

For Drako not everyday is an adventure with Dragonboy. Some days are just meant for relaxing and taking in the beauty around us. The scent of the tiniest flower can reset the mind and calms the spirit.

“Ahhh” canvas
32-AP (11”x22”) SRP $645 doodle on back with gel embellishments on image.
98-SN (9”x18”) SRP $395
“If you don’t stand for something” you’ll fall for anything so the saying goes. In this piece it’s a clear statement that Marcenivo and the Blus have chosen to stand for Compassion, love and hope.

“If you don’t stand for something” canvas
32-AP (12”x36”) SRP $775 doodle on back and gel embellishments on the image.
98-SN (10”x30”) SRP $525

New Releases

Spelling it out for you
It’s been 5 years since the canvas release and since the day it was sold out I have been asked “When are you doing a large paper print?” Well here it is…. We can say I love you a million times but there is something that resonates when you see it in writing, and especially from the one you love. Here Marcenivo is putting those 4 marvelous letters together-  L O V E.18×32 Paper GicleeEdition size: AP 25 – SN 75 (pictured)AP: $695 SRP (sold out)  |  SN: $545 SRP

The AP edition will feature a hand painted red heart in the lower right hand corner.

“Rebel” is the 3rd image in the “Outcast” series . In this image Marcenivo is simply encouraging you to be a leader and not a follower.22×27 Paper Giclee
Edition size: AP 52 – SN 225
AP: $575 SRP  |  SN: $425 SRPThe AP edition will feature a hand painted black heart with flower in the lower right hand corner.  

“A Safe Place Among Friends”

SN 10” x 20” Canvas, $425

AP 12” x 24” Canvas, $675

A safe place among friends is being released to celebrate Gay Pride Month (June).  I could go on a political and ethical rant, but I will spare you all.  I’ll simply say, ” Love knows no Boundaries”.


” High above it all”

SN 13 x 17 Paper, $250

AP 15” x 19” Paper, $425

Marcenivo has opted to be above the negative, the stress, the unwanted and unneeded troubles of the day to day. My balloon and swing are my studio, What’s yours?



“We Keep it Together”

SN 18.75 x 23 Paper, $395

AP 18.75 x 23 Paper, $550

This piece is about not quitting or giving up. Don’t let negativity tear things apart. Hope is that rock, heavy and going nowhere…



“Patiently Awaiting”

SN 12” x 24” Canvas, $445

AP 14” x 28” Canvas, $775

 This is the third piece to feature Marcenivo at the oceanfront. Marcenivo has gone into the ocean, sailed and arrived on the other side.  Now he is anchored and patiently awaiting for the tide to rise and his journey to continue.




“Shower me with love and kisses” 

SN 12” x 24” Canvas, $495

AP 18” x 36” Canvas, $995

So, we shower them with love and attention.  This piece symbolizes indulging in those special signs of caring and affection.



“Letting me be me”

SN 10 x 12 Paper, $75


“Your voice makes my heart sing”

SN 8 x 10 Paper, $75


“I Love You” (color),

SN 9 x 14 Paper, $95