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Shaw Lakey

Shaw Lakey

SHAW LAKEY, Drift Wood Artist

Thomas Lakey a.k.a. Captain Shaw resides in the Wilmington area near Carolina Beach. He has been a drift wood sculptor and a charter captain for 16 years and counting. He moved to Wilmington when he was 17 years old and received a marine technology degree from Cape Fear Community College. Shaw’s sensitive driftwood sculptures integrate natural forms with imaginative metal work to create fantastic creatures from the deep and beyond. Highly sought after and easily recognized, Shaw’s creations are on display at many regional establishments and in private collections around the world.

The character of Moss’s Dad was greatly informed by Shaw’s process as an artist working outside the art world establishment. Director, Daniel Peddle studied Shaw’s methods and collaborated with Shaw to create specific sculptures for the film which are featured in many scenes. These pieces are not just used as decorative props but also as symbolic devices central to the narrative.

As a longtime maritime expert, Shaw also was an incredible resource for understanding real life on the Cape Fear River. He acted as the production’s Captain and helped the crew orchestrate all scenes on and along the river, managing to keep everyone safe in the moody weather conditions unique to the Carolina Marshlands. Shaw’s many contributions to Moss are an excellent example of how the film flourished by rooting itself in the rich traditions of the local community.


July 25, 2017


Sculptors, Wood