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Seasick Walrus

Very few original Dr. Seuss works ever made it out of Ted Geisel’s (aka Dr. Seuss) private collection. However, when they did they were typically gifted to close friends, family, or a charitable cause that Ted felt passionately about supporting.





One of Ted Geisel’s closest neighbors was also a cherished friend. Her patio was near enough to Ted and Audrey’s that the two couples often convened for “5 o’clock cocktails on the terrace.” On a special occasion for which Ted wanted to honor his friendship, he chose to gift her a sculpture he had made almost 30 years earlier, The Seasick Walrus.



The opening release price of $2,295 is available for a limited time. Contact your art consultant for more information on this exciting artwork. 


 Hand-painted Cast Resin Sculpture

Sculpture Dimensions: 6.37″h x 7.25″w x 4.5″d

Edition Size: Limited Edition of 850


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